Wednesday, August 14, 2013

where I'm blogging!

Yay! You can follow my new blog, finally, at This website is my new blogsite, so it will be the only site I manage. I am so excited for it's simplicity and the ways it will encourage me to consistently post my work, and give you glimpses into my personal story, too. This blog is filled to the brim, so enjoy perusing it if you are a potential client wanting to research more weddings. My new blog is a work-in-progress, and it will of course take time to get a variety of posts up. Thank you to my readers for your constant love and support! I hope you enjoy the new site!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

blog update!

Frantic set in recently when I realized my website was down, and my blog has not been updated in how long?! Please know I am putting the finishing touches on my brand spankin' new blogsite, and hope to publish it by the end of next week. If you want to inquire about a wedding or boudoir shoot, please email me at, or call/text me at 406.570.7162. If you want to view my most recent work, please visit my Facebook page at Morgan LaMare Photography. I am alive and kicking, and have so many wonderful shoots to share with you! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

katie and ryan: married

Although wedding season 2013 has officially kicked off, I have two more beautiful weddings to share with you from last September . . . the first being the most beautiful Katie and Ryan. Their wedding day was absolutely perfect - the weather, the couple, their families, a fabulous wedding party, and a gorgeous venue. The Rockin' TJ Ranch has all sorts of darling spots for photos. I will let the photos speak for themselves. I hope life is finding you nothing but happiness and adventure, Katie and Ryan!
 photo 6dda0c52-3783-4aae-8c4c-9184ebf1e98b_zpse5460159.jpg
 photo cac0cfe4-593b-4771-9736-185c9a8b8808_zpsb9947619.jpg
 photo 3765bbe5-7613-4247-b678-9d4e9732ac7f_zpsa92a1694.jpg
 photo acd45420-3acf-43f1-98aa-9b15078c87a1_zpsdef2bae7.jpg
 photo 1d911b0e-3ab4-47d9-8040-dd7257e6b9d4_zps627e0459.jpg
 photo 8141933b-4178-4f98-89ad-50e75854ef15_zpse0bdaa48.jpg
 photo e65a699a-f8ee-44fc-867d-dcbc808d8678_zps00dd0d58.jpg
 photo 48b601c3-f8c6-47bd-ac45-6f6d4ae236b6_zps72dd8c40.jpg
 photo a31b34a8-ba34-4389-bb9d-9e5b88f8d87f_zpsce730bf9.jpg

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

my other love: mexican food

In addition to my amazing husband, adorable children, good Pinot Noir, a medium-rare filet mignon, and my fabulous friends, my other love is Mexican food :)
 photo e4d6ec1d-1eab-4f13-858d-56def20a9ab6_zps37e568f8.jpg
I was lucky enough to photograph the main dishes that Hot Mama's Salsa prepares and sells in their darling little storefront in Bozeman, and these are just a few of them. At one of my last shoots, Diana handed me the evening's dinner in a brown paper bag, and it was to die for. I love, love, love Mexican food, and I will say this was by far the best I can remember having. Her enchiladas are out of this world. If you are a local Bozeman food lover, don't hesitate for a second to enjoy her delights. Yum! I will post photos of the lovely Diana very soon . . . she is beautiful, and an amazing businesswoman, and I'll share her gorgeous self in a future post. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 photo 2f91c3a2-e2fc-4c68-816c-fd0da32e6136_zpse38790d5.jpg
If you've been following my blog for some time now, you know I have entered the world of boudoir photography, and absolutely adore this part of my photography career. In the past few years, this part of my business has really taken off, and I am happy to say that I am fully prepared to move forward with my whole heart and soul at making this so much bigger than it is right now. It has become so empowering for me to be a part of this experience with women, with strangers. It is a combination of my love for meeting new people, and enjoying a glass of wine or champagne with them as we talk about their relationships with their partners, learning about their road to self-confidence, and having them allow me to give them the gift of seeing themselves in an entirely new perspective. Expect to see beautiful new things come of this - I am working on a new website dedicated exclusively to boudoir, marketing materials to help my boudoir girls get the absolute most out of their experience, and learning where to share more information about these sessions so that I can reach more than just a young bride. I can't wait to share this journey with you. It's probably going to be so fabulous, we will need to throw a launch party to celebrate its success . . . ;)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

instagram prints

In my attempt to keep my personal photos up to date and organized in my home and albums, I had to share with you the most darling little prints I ever have seen . . .
 photo 1839c572-a9ef-481c-8f61-41829f7877d0_zpsb68c67bf.jpg
What is this, you ask? These are my Instagram prints! I fell in love with this app right around the time Grayson was born, and I've been so good at keeping only the photos on my iPhone the ones I want to keep. We took so many of him on our phones in the hospital, and so I began searching for a company that specifically printed Instagram photos. Enter Prinstagram. They are fabulous! They are a new company, so they have a few kinks yet to work out, but none that affected my products or how I received them. The quality is impeccable - they are durable, have a gorgeous lustre finish, and the photos look in print exactly how they look on my phone and computer. When you log in and create an account with them, they will access your Instagram account, and from there you select the product you want. I chose the 4 x 4 square prints and I am in love with them. I have a couple of cute little photo holders I might display them in, or they can stay in a keepsake box, and a 4 x 4 sized frame is also quite common. It is wonderful to have these little memories off my phone and in my hands. So I can look at that cheesy face in print whenever I want. :)
 photo ecdad938-753b-4e1c-9553-69215078465b_zps591b82b0.jpg

Monday, June 10, 2013

whitney and nick

 photo fc8e23ae-dbbb-4097-9617-8ae7522fea31_zps0ec03c0f.jpg
I feel like it's been forever since I've shared a wedding on here, and I have a handful of 2012 nuptials to share still with you, one of them being the beautiful ceremony of Whitney and Nick. I truly enjoyed spending the day with these two . . . they are definitely very well loved, based on how long the food line was. ;) They were a treasure to photograph, completely enamored with one another, and so gentle, kind and loving. I processed a few of these photographs different from my normal post-production, but the ambiance simply called for old-school. The wedding was held at the bride's mother's home on the river in Columbus, Montana, and Whitney has a very powerful relationship with horses. It just felt right to set the scene for a few photographs to match her love affair. ;)
 photo b3ce47f9-a28a-4b08-b100-c89c894a8283_zps52b7de65.jpg
 photo 11390906-645d-4440-9802-d5e3bc698619_zps50b89d3b.jpg
One of my favorite elements of the day was that Nick's grandfather stood as his best man. It was such a meaningful gesture! I love it when people step away from a typical wedding tradition and make it their own . . .
 photo 2525b1f4-b879-4144-9749-5d2c24090ee1_zps5f6f76ad.jpg
 photo 50787cd6-4092-451a-90a5-78c8716ac713_zps6c7199bc.jpg
 photo 07119b9c-1167-4702-9aef-26ccf02165b0_zps58bc04d9.jpg
 photo 58d9f11f-ef63-40c4-b9a1-eb04803a2b73_zpsda78071d.jpg
 photo 877ca2f2-6426-4686-9e2d-f31111e3bd8f_zpsa067ff32.jpg
 photo 6560c4c8-eefb-4fd9-b9b0-8c67328c7837_zpsc1934830.jpg